Christy Wright is one of my favorite authors. Don't let this cover fool you, you don't have to be a business woman to read this book!  If you serve people in any way this book is so inspiring! I love Christy's upbeat nature and her love for Jesus. I appreciate her honesty and passion for everything she talks about. I also enjoy listening to her podcast, especially when I feel a lack of motivation or when I need to just have something playing in the background when I am working or cleaning. If you are thinking of creating a business, or a blog, or just looking for a way to juggle a side hustle- you will LOVE THIS BOOK! One of my faves. 


I think this book ties for 2nd on my list! Love Lysa's honest, vulnerability. I put this on my list because during times like these, especially when we are stuck at home, we can feel extremely low and lonely. When I am alone for too long I can get too much in my head, listing off lies that the enemy wants me to believe. This book made me feel like I wasn't alone- Because I am not! But I truly related to the author. Another great read! 5 stars. 


I think this book ties for 2nd on my list! I've read this a few times actually-the first time I was college and it was so eye opening for me during the time. During that time in my life I felt a little lost, trying to find myself and trying to fit in. I had a hard time feeling content and at peace. Always antsy and looking to the next thing to keep me happy. Someone gave me this book to read and I've recommended it to many of my friends. It is a great reminder to not look to material things to keep us happy- the happiness will be temporary, Making Jesus the center of your life will bring true happiness and peace. 

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