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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Dear younger me,

I know being tan makes ya feel pretty but stop lol. You are ignoring the possible side affects that may not come now but could very well come later! I don't care if you think spray tans are not cool and give you orange, "blotchy" hands- guess what else isn't cool- wrinkles!! or even more uncool- cancer. Take care of your body. You will thank me later.


Older me

Back in high school i tanned PLENTY. Honestly shocked on how much time I wasted stopping by the tanning salon after volleyball practice or driving across town just to lay in a tanning bed for 15 minutes and then drive back home. I loved using a tanning bed over anything else because it looked natural (most the time), and it was even. No blotchy hands or orange streaks. It dried out my acne, and gave me an extra boost of confidence. OH and it was a "good source of vitamin D"-what I always told my dad when he tried to talk me out of tanning.

I know I'm not the only one who tanned a lot. Most of us girls did- and a lot still do (no judgement) even though we know possible side affects.

I have had these two moles on my back for as long as I can remember and a few years ago they began to look a lil funky but since I am very stubborn when it comes to going to the doctor I thought "EH!" I will deal with it later no biggie. However, I did quit using a tanning bed to avoid them getting worse.

After the thought of going to get these moles checked out came to me, God kept giving me sign after sign before I finally decided I would go.


The same week after becoming concerned about the moles- a friend came over to study. she asked if I went tanning because of how dark I was. I explained to her how I had just recently stopped. She then lifted part of her shirt to expose a big ole scar on her back from when she had been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma from tanning. You think that girl ever thought about getting in another tanning bed??!!


The next day I am scrolling through Facebook and come across an article someone posted. This article was written by a gal who had used the tanning somewhat frequently years before. She had a spot show up on her cheek. When she got it checkout out, it turned out to be skin cancer. Not only was it on her face, but she had spots on her leg that was cancer as well. Just so ya know- when they take these spots off they go beneath the surface to try to remove the cancer. They take out a hunk of your skins and this gal was left with multiple, deep scars on her face and legs.


Another Facebook article the next week. SAME THING. But this girl has maybe used the tanning bed 10 times in her life and always used sun screen. She was left with scars on her face to the point she was unrecognizable.


looked at my moles again in the mirror- still funny lookin and God just said girl get it over with.

Doc didn't like the moles either so she whacked them off to be tested. About a week later I am goin about my day and get a call from the hospital. The girl on the other end of the phone said she was calling to schedule my procedure!!????!!!?? Y'all one mole was atypical and they removed more of the skin cells to make sure the precancerous cells would not turn into melanoma. Silly me thinking this would be a two-stitch kind of procedure- 10 stitched. Now this was on my back so I am thankful this wasn't on my face but even more thankful that I was pro active about getting these checked and it did not turn into anything severe.

The reason I share this is because I know everyone thinks they are invincible or "it won't be me" and we choose to turn our heads to possible consequences of the choices we make (and not just tanning). I really just want to encourage everyone to take care of their bodies. You only get one and I promise you being tan isn't worth cancer OR looking like a leather bag in a few years. I mean seriously all the money you are using on tanning now-you will wish you had to pay for younger skin! So why not start taking care of it now.


1. being pale is not so bad.

2. Spray tans.

3. Self tanner. All about it. I don't have to leave my house. It is easy, natural looking and if you use a self tanner glove you don't get orange streaks! I just started using this recently and I didn't want to buy anything top dollar but wanted something a little better than the cheapest brand. I started using St. Moriz tanning mousse. The bottle is only $12! I have used it probably 4 times and still have more than half the bottle so I am saving $$$ using this over spray tans! I love my natural glow after using the tanning mousse and love it even better knowing that I am not damaging my skin to look sun kissed.

It is super easy to use. I use my self tanning glove to avoid any streaks. I usually use it before bed so I can leave it on overnight and I just rinse it off in the shower the next morning! Literally getting a tan overnight- I LOVE IT!

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