BE SCRAPPY | Being a Go-Getter Without All Your Ducks In a Row

The word "scrappy" has a negative ring to it, but what if "scrappy" could bring you success.

Imagine you are on a volleyball court. You are a point away from winning the game. You've been busting your butt during a rally that has felt like 5 minutes of going back and forth- everyone is doing everything they can to keep that ball from hitting the floor. Your team is thrown off and all neatness has gone out the window. Your setter gets the first touch on the ball, your other teammate is sprinting across the court to get the next touch, and the libero is there to pass the ball in a troublesome spot on the other side of the net. The other team dives for the ball but is unsuccessful to get it before it hits the ground. W for your team!

You wouldn't prefer to play a sloppy game, but you worked together to do everything you could to keep the ball in play. It may not have gone as planned, but you worked with what you had and turned it into a win.

I haven't played volleyball in years, but there are many times I've had to play it scrappy- not just on the court. I started a blog by being scrappy, and later started a business by being even scrappier! If you have a dream or an idea, be scrappy. Start somewhere. Work with what you have. You don't have to have all your ducks in a row.

I always dreamed of having my own store and being my own boss. I had a friend a few summers ago ask me what my ultimate career goals were. I explained to her how I would love to open an online clothing shop, but it really was no bigger than an idea in my head. She asked me "Why don't you just do it?"

I started to think about what it would be like to take this concept and make it to reality. Naturally my mind begins to ask questions like "Where do I even start?" , "Where would I get the money", "Am I even capable of doing this?"

One thing I did know- I had a laptop, and I had Internet access. The research began. I collected pages of scribbled notes and I brainstormed store names. Soon, I created a domain and finished a business plan.

I didn't have everything I needed to start a business. But I started somewhere and worked with what I had. I was scrappy, and now a year and a half later I am my own boss, and love what I do. If you have a great idea, or a dream, just start somewhere! What can you do TODAY to be one step closer to your goal?! Go do it.

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