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Honestly- doing my hair is not my favorite thing. It takes up a lot of time that I could be doing something else- so I am always down for trying anything new to cut my hair care time in half! I've finally got down a routine that I am beyond happy with. Doing my hair isn't as dreadful and I'm able to get done what i need to- but not always put my hair on the back burner. SO here is what I got goin' on with my HAIR:

1. Shampoo/ Conditioner

The 'So Silver' purple shampoo is AMAZING. I've tried some purple shampoos that have dried out my hair a tad- and this stuff makes my hair silky smooth and softer than using other shampoos! It really brings out the blonde in my hair and holds my color longer. I use it every other time I wash my hair and in between I use the Argan oil of morocco shampoo by OGX. I use the pairing conditioner after each shampoo wash!


The Kerastase 'discipline' is so amazing. First of all, it smells wonderful and smooths/ tames my hair before blow trying. Also cuts my blow drying time significantly. Most importantly it is a heat protectant which is a MUST to keeping hair happy and healthy.

3. Blow Dry

lol- this might be a given but blow drying my hair upside down cuts the time and adds volume. About mid way through is when I will part my hair and blow dry up right with a brush.

4. Straighten.

I will go through and flat iron my hair very quickly to get and kinks out and makes for smoother curls!

5. Texture it

Adds volume and texture. I use on my dray hair- right before curling. I spray underneath parts of my hair and tossel it. A little goes a long way.

6. Styling

I use the 'Zealite' wand set. Shoutout to mamma for this awesome Christmas gift! This set is such a great deal and I highly recommend!

7. Finishing touch!

Of course I use hair spray! I use very little- to keep my curls looking nice, natural and tosseled. I really like this light hold spray. Doesn't leave a weird texture to my hair!


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