• alexandraerinn


I have a new obsession- Kodiak Cakes!

Between my full time job, and starting up my new business, it is hard to find time to cook breakfast and sit down to eat it. The Kodiak cups are so awesome (and delicious!) - especially for the girl on the go! My favorite- Chocolate chip and maple flapjacks. Just mix in water, microwave for a minute and it is ready to go. All recipes are 100% wholegrain and this chocolate chip and maple flapjack cup is packed with 12g of protein. I don't know about you guys but protein in the morning is an absolute necessity for me. It cuts my cravings, and keeps me from snacking all day long. I am comfortable, happy and tied over until lunch!

I love starting my day with Kodiak Cakes but the other day I was hit with the sweet tooth cravings after dinner. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are another FAVE! So yummy and I can eat it guilt free.


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