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What is better than a night in with no plans? It is a chance to focus on yourself and to

r e l a x.

My idea of being relaxed is lounging on the couch with my dog, a funny show on Netflix and applying a face mask. I have linked some of my favorite masks I use. This post is also a reminder to make time to take care of yourself! It is OK to relax. It is OK to rest. It's amazing what a little rest and self care will do for you.

Minimizes the appearance of pores! I have larger pores and every time I use this mask I can tell a huge difference in my skin the next morning! It shrinks my pores and creates a smooth canvas to apply makeup for the day.

Time to relax. Time to take it easy. The best relaxation mask. ^^

Extreme hydration!! So perfect for summer bc GIRLS I know I'm not the only one that can get dry skin in this extreme heat. This mask is a LIFE SAVER!

Tell your skin to WAKE UP! Refreshing peel-off mask.


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