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The most important part of my day! I feel like I have finally found the perfect nightly skincare routine that fits my skin. It is fast, easy and affordable. Most of the products even come in smaller size bottles in case you would like to trial any of them before purchasing the full size!


I have normal-semi oily skin. My skin def has no problem producing oil but mostly in my T-zone. During certain times of the year, or if I do not hydrate enough, my skin can get extremely dry, tight and uncomfortable. Even though I have somewhat oily skin, I still have to use a moisturizer that will keep my skin hydrated and stay hydrated throughout the day. If you have oily skin, I am going to teach you something you may not know:


I still get acne (eye roll). I get the occasional pimple that is so stubborn and I will admit it- I'm a picker! I know that is the worst!! (trying so hard to STOP TOUCHING IT!). When I get breakouts, it is usually on my cheeks and on my jawline. These breakouts are so stinkin hard to get rid of so I do have to use an acne clearing product when I do get these occasional breakouts. I also get blackheads on my nose and chin area. I will say what I am using right now to fight breakouts works like a gem.

If you have oily skin- you still want to MOISTURIZE. I use to think not moisturizing my skin would help with the grease face, and that moisturizer caused my face to be more oily. WRONG. When you do not moisturize and hydrate your skin, your body tried to produce even MORE oil causing it to over produce, hence making an even bigger glare on your face! SO always moisturize.

Another thing I have learned- I never considered that I had sensitive skin. I rarely have a bad reaction to any product or breakout in an abnormal way after using something new, so I never looked into harsh chemicals that could potentially hurt my skin and actually damage it. I thought if I used product that was made for sensitive skin that it wouldn't work well for me. I felt I needed the most intense product to zap my acne over night. You guys I can't tell you how much a gentle cleanser has changed my life! It actually clears my acne better than anything in most recent years. My current cleanser is for all skin types and uses key natural ingredients that work wonders on your skin!


1. drink lots of water and eat your fruits and veggies! Crazy how your skin will start to glow when you first take a look at your diet.

2. Makeup remover! This eye makeup remover by Almay works magic and gets ALL the mascara off.

3. Cleanse with the TULA probiotic cleanser (click to purchase). This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and for all ages. It gently cleanses without drying out the skin. Even for my stubborn breakouts I love using this cleanser. It works better than products I have used that are made to treat acne.

4. Tone with THAYERS facial toner with witch hazel. It is alcohol free (key to not stripping or drying out skin). I like to use the toner that is infused with cucumber to calm down any blemish swelling. Using a toner also helps control the amount of oil your face will produce so use this twice a day.

5. Use a serum 3-5 times a week. Right now I am using G4U Clear skin serum to help with redness and evening out my skin tone. I apply by using a jade roller to lock in moisture and it feels AMAZING.

JADE ROLLER TIP: store in a clean space or case! You are rolling this all over your face so you do not want any unwanted dirt/bacteria on your skin. I sometimes will leave mine to soak in the toner I use^^^. You can leave soaking in alcohol, or I also wash mine with my face wash after using. Another tip: let sitting in a cup of ice before you use! The colder the better. Doing this is even better in the morning. The coolness closes all your pores and help with morning puffiness.

6. Moisturize! So important. Dr. Jart water drop. Very light weight and feels like water! Keeps my skin hydrated all day and all night long. I apply this with a jade roller as well- all over my face and neck. Only $22 on Amazon at the moment. I have linked it just click the picture below!

7. For stubborn acne or the occasional pimple- Mario Badescu drying lotion. Apply it with a Q-tip and the sucker will be gone the next morning...2 days tops. I also use this on my nose for my blackheads and I find it works well for that too!


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